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October 2 - October 23, 2019

New Features

We are committed to constantly improving the Ecochallenge Platform to help you accomplish more goals and bigger impact. Below are the major new features being released for The People's Ecochallenge:

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Multi-Team Management

  1. Sign up or login, and go to your Dashboard.

  2. As an existing Team Captain, you will see on the left-hand sidebar the usual options plus a new "Create More Teams" button.

  3. Using "Create More Teams", create a new team in the same way you created your current team.

  4. Once your new team is completed, your Dashboard will now show a section called, "Manage Other Teams".

  5. Under "Manage Other Teams", click on the Team you'd like to manage, and the following will appear:

  6. From here, you can edit this new team's profile, email teammates, and see general team activity.

  7. Note - to invite people to join a team you manage, please share the URL of the team's profile page (i.e. When a visitor views this page, they can click the "Join this Team" button to be automatically added to the team during registration.

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Team Assigned Actions

  1. Sign up or login, and go to

  2. As an existing Team or Organization Captain, you will see a new bar at the top of page to choose who you would like to assign actions to - Myself, My Team, Teams I Manage (if applicable), and My Organization (if applicable)

  3. To assign an action for all your teammates, select "My Team" in the bar, and go through the process of selecting actions. Note that for actions requiring an input field, the goal you enter will apply to all recipients at this time (i.e. eat '2' meatless meals).

  4. Once you have selected an action, it will now appear on all current and future teammates' Dashboards. Icons on the Dashboard action card designate team or organization actions. Note that you can deselect actions for your team or organization but the action will remain on your teammates' Dashboards - only the icon will be removed. Based on this functionality, we recommend that you take adequate time to consider the actions you choose before selecting actions.

  5. Additionally, please note that teammates can deselect team actions if they wish. We recommend that you utilize our team messaging feature to communicate your choices and the reasons behind them. For example, your school or business might be rolling out a new vegetarian-friendly menu this fall, and you would like to invite your team to try it out during the Ecochallenge.

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Create Your Own Action Builder

  1. Choose the category you would like to create an action under, navigate to the bottom of that page, and select the '+' for Custom Action

  2. When the Custom Action Builder window appears, fill-in the listed fields. There are also optional fields for Team Captains creating a Custom Team Action..

  3. Once the Custom Action is created, the action will now appear on your participant Dashboard. There is an icon to designate the action as a Custom Action.

  4. If you need to delete the Custom Action, navigate back to the category page, scroll to the bottom, and deselect the action.

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